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Unloader One®

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Designed to assist with unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee, the Unloader One® knee brace is your companion for everyday activities and adventures.

Your Brace Journey

1. Get diagnosed

The very first thing you need to do is have a proper diagnosis of your condition; a prerequisite for any treatment. Contact your doctor and prepare yourself for the appointment.

2. Get Fitted

Once diagnosed, contact us to find your nearest fitting centre where a certified professional can fit you with the right brace. If symptoms persist consult your health care professional.

3. Get Active

Also think about any other lifestyle changes that now might help to ease the pain and get you more active again.

How does the Unloader One® work?

Most people are likely to experience knee pain at some point in their lives, especially if you play sports or engage in strenuous activities. A common, but serious, cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis (OA), which is the slow deterioration of cartilage-the natural cushioning between the joints.

The Unloader One® knee brace can reduce the load on the painful or affected side of the joint and may help reduce pain and improve function. If you have been diagnosed with knee OA, you may want to consider wearing an Unloader One® knee brace, so you can be ready for the adventure ahead.

Treating Knee OA Biomechanically

An innovative solution that addresses knee pain at the source and may provide relief without the use of medication or surgery.

Knee OA without Bracing

(bone-on-bone contact)

The 3-Point Leverage System
Knee OA with Bracing

(space created between bones)

Unloader One® Warranty

There is a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee for the Unloader One® (excludes consulting fees).

Frame & Hinges 2 Years
Softgoods, Liners & Straps 6 Months

Frame & Hinges

Warranty 2 Years

Customer love

“I’ve been using the Unloader One X for nearly a year and I’m happy to say that I have been able to continue doing all the activities I enjoy. In fact, I went to Nepal in September 2019 as planned. It involved three weeks of trekking between 4-8 hours per day carrying a 13kg backpack. I can say that it was fantastic trekking and a great experience. To realise dreams beyond the ordinary…that’s my #lifewithoutlimitations.”

— Dr Klaus Vedder, Orthopaedic Surgeon

"I want to tell you how grateful I am for this Unloader One brace. With this brace, I do everything, including walking, biking, and Pilates!"

— Joan W.

“Since I’ve had the brace fitted, I can walk distances no problem at all and its very comfortable. I can walk up and down stairs easily and move side-to-side.”

— Andy.

"If I’m going to be on my feet all day, I make sure I wear the Unloader One so my knee won’t bother me. Since the Unloader One is working for me, surgery on my left knee could be delayed."

— Lawrence F.

“From the moment I put the brace on I felt instant relief. I don’t even remember I have any problems with my knee when I have my brace on… Since I have had the brace my life has changed”

— Elizabeth.

"I find the Unloader One amazing! I have found it very easy to get used to. I want to get out and do things and chase my grandchildren around."

— Sheryl.

"Staying active is a huge priority in my life, and I am able to do so much more by wearing this brace. When I had my microfracture surgery almost 2 years ago, my orthopeadic surgeon told me that my running days were over. When I wear this brace, I am able to get on the treadmill and run for 6 miles."

— Jeffery W.

"I recently treated an AFL footballer with the Unloader One knee brace. He had previously undergone ACL surgery, but had experienced more recent medial menisci aggravation and joint replacement was not an appropriate solution for his age. The brace improved both key issues allowing for better gait and facilitating
tolerance to continue to work and also for him to play football with his children."

— Peter H. Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy - Principal Olympic Winter Sports Physiotherapist 2000- 2018

"I tried months of Physiotherapy, massages,
and exercise to try and resolve some of the difficulties I was having in my knee, however, an X-ray later highlighted that my right knee was totally out of alignment. I consulted a physiotherapist for a solution and the Unloader One came to my rescue, everything changed for the better. This brace keeps my knee aligned and I can walk for longer distances without having to stop. I am so happy that the Unloader One has made my life much easier. I highly recommend it."

— Kimya M. Gold Coast Australia

"I was having big trouble after surgery to repair a torn meniscus. My doctor said it was another operation or
an Unloader One knee brace. I tried the brace and felt immediate security in my knee, it felt like my leg was being held together while I walked. Since then, I saw rapid improvement and within months I was back to normal and no longer needed the brace or any other support. I cannot recommend it enough. For anyone in a similar situation, I can only say go and get one."

— Vicki N.

"I fitted my last OA Unloader One X knee brace in December 2020 back in wellington for a 35-year-old active man who had a traumatic accident. He had a very active lifestyle before the accident and had multiple surgeries (ACL reconstruction) on the right knee and eventually developed post-traumatic lateral OA. He was restricted from performing his regular activities and was quite demotivated. We had him fitted with an Unloader One knee brace as soon as we could, he immediately felt the difference. He was very happy with the outcome and continues to wear the brace while remaining active."

— Roshan P. Clinical Lead Orthotists from MoveMe Health clinic

"As an avid fan of the Unloader One knee brace, I never shy from the opportunity to use it for appropriate clients. One client was referred for a brace for a left medial meniscus tear. As the owner of his building company, the patient had a physically demanding job to return to ASAP. Within one month of wearing the Unloader One knee brace, he reported a difference and was able to return to work. He bought a second brace for his right knee which was also affected by him compensating his left knee."

— Jessica D. Director & Lead Clinician at Ora Orthotics

"I fitted a patient with the Unloader One Knee brace after presenting with complications on his right knee. He is now back at work and managing well. He said he had lost some weight and was feeling much better about himself. The patient was very happy with the knee brace and was wearing it most of the time from when he woke up in the morning."

— Brent F. Clinical Lead at MoveMe Health Clinic

"Nearly two years after being recommended the Unloader One knee brace for my osteoarthritis, I’ve gone back to running regularly and freely without any issues. I use the Unloader One knee brace while running and I absolutely love it! I feel confident to strike the ground and my knee will take the weight and the brace doesn’t significantly alter my pace or gait."

— Tiffany M.

"The Unloader One knee brace
enabled me to continue my work in building new infrastructure and maintaining our large acreage. Now after over three years of work, we are at a stage where we
can enjoy what we have created. It would have been impossible to get this far without the help and support of the Unloader One knee brace. Now I still use the brace daily whilst moving around the farm. I have added a photograph that will show how bad the knee degeneration is, without the Unloader Brace I would not have made it this far."

— Maurice C.
average rating 5.0 out of 5
Based on 3 reviews
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Review posted
Reviewed by Che tauro
Rated 5 out of 5

Che tauro

It helped with my ski prosthetic leg s lot

I recommend this product
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Review posted
Reviewed by Vicki N.
Verified Reviewer
Rated 5 out of 5

Changed my outcome after surgery

I was having big trouble after surgery to repair a torn meniscus. After 6 weeks on crutches and physio I was still unable to walk properly and in a lot of pain when I did. Everyone thought I was just lacking in confidence - to me I just felt like my knee would cave in if I put too much pressure on it. My doctor said it was either another operation or an Unloader.

I tried the Unloader and immediately found my knee felt secure - it was like somebody gripped my leg while I walked and that was exactly what I needed to be able to progress. From there was rapid improvement and within months I was back to normal and no longer needed the brace or any other support. I cannot recommend it too highly. For anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation I can only say go and get one.

I recommend this product
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Review posted
Reviewed by Tiffany Mcclymont B.
Verified Reviewer
Rated 5 out of 5

Back running freely again!

I used to be a long distance runner but after a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, my knee was badly affected and I could hardly walk let alone run. I’ve had the unloader one brace for nearly 2 years now and use it almost exclusively for running, whether it be to run to work or for a bush run. I absolutely love it and the freedom and confidence it’s given me.

I recommend this product
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Which brace is for me?

Not sure which brace is for you? Our friendly Customer Care team can help determine which OA brace is best to help relieve your symptoms.

Which brace is for me?

Not sure which brace is for you? Our friendly Customer Care team can help determine which OA brace is best to help relieve your symptoms.